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This page offers documentation galore. You'll get mailing lists, a manual, a tutorial, and stuff related to DTDs.

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Mailing lists
The RefDB manual
The RefDB tutorial
The refdb-mode manual
The refdb-publist manual
The citestylex.dtd reference
The risx.dtd reference
The xnote.dtd reference
The citationlistx.dtd reference
The DTD and Relax NG schema files

RefDB mailing lists

The RefDB project has two mailing lists:

For any information that you cannot find on these pages, please contact the one who is to blame.

RefDB manual

The RefDB manual covering version 0.9.8 is available here for online reading or for download (both the HTML and the PDF versions are also part of the RefDB sources). The manual explains how to install and how to use the package:

RefDB tutorial

The RefDB tutorial covers version 0.9.4 and later. It is targeted at RefDB users (not administrators) and provides an introduction to the most common tasks like searching references, adding references from Pubmed, BibTeX, or MARC datasets, and creating bibliographies.

refdb-mode manual

There is also a manual for refdb-mode, the Emacs frontend for RefDB.

refdb-publist manual

This manual covers the publist add-on, which allows to create publication lists for your CV, or for your annual department publication report.

citestylex.dtd reference

The citestylex.dtd reference explains the usage of the elements in the CiteStyle XML DTD which is used to provide the formatting information for a specific journal or publisher.

risx.dtd reference

The risx.dtd reference explains how to use this XML DTD to author RIS-style bibliographic records.

xnote.dtd reference

The xnote.dtd reference explains how to use this XML DTD to author extended notes.

citationlistx.dtd reference

The citationlistx.dtd reference explains the XML DTD which RefDB uses to list the citations in a source document.

DTD and Relax NG schema files

RefDB uses four document type definitions (DTD) in addition to the DTDs of the supported SGML and XML documents. The citationlistx.dtd defines a document type that encodes the RefDB citation information in a SGML or XML document. The citestylex.dtd defines a document type that holds the style and formatting information for a specific publisher. The risx.dtd defines a document type to author bibliographic records. The xnote.dtd defines a document type to write extended notes. All DTDs can be viewed online. The URLs below can be used as the system identifier in your document's type declaration. They will always point to the most recent release of the DTDs (see the DTD files for how to use a particular release).

The DTDs are also available as Relax NG schemas using the XML notation (.rng) or the compact notation (.rnc).{dtd|.rng|.rnc}{dtd|rng|rnc}{dtd|rng|rnc}{dtd|rng|rnc}