refdb tutorial

A day with the refdb clients

Markus Hoenicka

Table of Contents
1. Getting started
What your refdb administrator needs to tell you
Creating your configuration files
2. Managing references and notes
Starting the reference management client
Getting help
Command line basics
Adding references
How to create RIS datasets
What a RIS dataset looks like
Creating a RIS dataset from scratch
Retrieving datasets from PubMed
Importing BibTeX datasets
Retrieving datasets from a Z39.50 server
How to create risx datasets
What a risx dataset looks like
Writing risx datasets from scratch
Transforming SGML and XML bibliographic data to risx
Validating risx datasets
Global and personal fields
Character encodings
How to add and update references
Finding references
Which references do you want to retrieve?
Available fields to query
Doing comparisons
Combining and grouping fields
Which format do you want to use?
Where do you want to put the results?
Adding extended notes
How to create xnote datasets
How to add and update extended notes
Finding extended notes
Some advanced issues
Using personal reference lists
Using pdfroot and other abuses of the AV field
Using cssurl
3. Bibliographies
Writing documents
Create a new document
Include the external entity
Write your citations
Processing your documents
Makefile targets
Customizing your Makefile
4. Where to go from here?
List of Tables
2-1. refdb reference output formats
2-2. refdb notes output formats