refdb is a reference database and bibliography tool for markup languages. The software is available under the GNU Public License (GPL) and runs on a variety of modern operating systems. For further information please visit the refdb homepage.

This brief tutorial shows the typical use of refdb and accessory applications from the average user's point of view. The tutorial assumes that refdb is installed on your box, that the application server and the database server are humming in the background, and that you are eager to learn how to access references, how to load new ones, and how to create bibliographies.

This tutorial does not replace the refdb manual. In order to install or administer refdb, you'll need the manual. To see all available command line options, configuration variables, and less common commands, you'll need the manual. To learn how to set up and operate the web interface, you'll need the manual. This tutorial tries to get new users up to speed, and for everything else... well, I think by now you've got it.