Chapter 2. Managing references and notes

Table of Contents
Starting the reference management client
Getting help
Command line basics
Adding references
Finding references
Adding extended notes
Finding extended notes
Some advanced issues

Now everything is ready to do some real work. We'll go ahead and learn how to use the reference management client.

Starting the reference management client

refdbc is the command-line client used for all tasks related to manage your references. The following sections will tell you how to search for existing references and how to add new ones (and more). This section just tells you how to start the client.

If you did a good job creating your ~/.refdbcrc configuration file, all you have to do is:

~$ refdbc

The client has started and displays a prompt, waiting for your commands. If you tweaked the configuration file to let refdbc ask you for your password interactively, it will do so before displaying its prompt. If you type in your password and don't see anything of what you type displayed on the screen, that's ok. This is done on purpose to keep others from reading your password on the screen.