Markus Hoenicka


An Emacs minor mode for the RefDB reference manager and bibliography tool.

Table of Contents

1. Installation
Installing the Emacs Lisp files
Setting up refdb-mode
Customizing refdb-mode
Invoking refdb-mode
Using refdb-mode with NTEmacs
2. Concepts
Default database
Data formats
Other formats
Selecting output formats
Reference data and extended note identification
Screen layout
Key bindings
refdb-mode is schizophrenic
Working with reference data
Adding and updating references
Retrieving references
Converting reference data
Working with extended notes
Working with markup documents
3. refdb-mode commands
Managing references
Add References
Update References
Check References
Delete References
Get References submenu
Get References on Region submenu
Get References from Citation
Pick References
Dump References
Convert References submenu
Managing notes
Add Notes
Update Notes
Delete Notes
Get Notes submenu
Get Notes on Region submenu
Add Links
Delete Links
Insert commands
Insert submenu
Reference formats and databases
Customize data output submenu
Select Database
Show Database Info
Managing documents
Create Document
Cite References submenu
Transform Document
View Output
Database management
Create Databases
List Databases
Delete Databases
Bibliography styles management
Add Styles
List Styles
Get Style
Delete Styles
User management
Add Users
List Users
Delete Users
Journal title word management
Add Journal Title Words
List Journal Title Words
Delete Journal Title Words
Miscellaneous server tasks
Run Keyword Scan
View Server Information
Database backup management
Backup Reference Databases
Restore Reference Databases
refdb-mode customization
Initialize System Database
Customize RefDB Mode
Edit RefDB Config Files
RefDB server management
Start Application Server on localhost
Stop Application Server on localhost
Restart Application Server on localhost
Reload Application Server on localhost

List of Tables

2.1. refdb-mode key bindings