Key bindings

The most common refdb-mode commands are accessible through keyboard shortcuts. The common prefix of these commands is Ctrl-cCtrl-r. The remainder of the key sequences are grouped by the purpose of the commands in a similar fashion as in the menu. Reference and notes management functions use r and n as a prefix, respectively. Commands that retrieve references by exact match and by regexp match use g and x as a prefix, respectively. The corresponding prefixes for notes management are o and p. Retrieving references and notes on region requires the Ctrl-g and Ctrl-o prefixes. Insert commands use the i prefix, select commands use the s prefix, and commands related to transforming documents and citing references use c as a prefix.

Table 2.1. refdb-mode key bindings

common prefixactiontarget


modify references: r

modify notes: n

add: a

update: u

check: c

delete: d


get reference (exact): g

get reference (regexp): x

get reference on region: Ctrl-g

get note (exact): o

get note (regexp): p

get note on region: Ctrl-o

author: a

title: t

keyword: k

periodical: p

ID: i

citation key: c

advanced: d

keywordlink: l

IDlink: q

citation key link: v


insert: i

author: a

keyword: k

periodical: p


select: s

database: d

reference output type: r

notes output type: n


transform: c

transform document: c

view document: v

cite as DocBook from point: d

cite as TEI from point: t

cite as LaTeX from point: l

cite as Muse from point: m

cite as DocBook (region): s

cite as TEI (region): t

cite as LaTeX (region): x

cite as Muse (region): y