User management

These functions provide an interface to the RefDB user management.

Add Users


Interactively asks for the name of the database access should be granted to, the hostname from which connections should be allowed, the database username, and an optional database password if the user is not yet known to the database engine. The user will be registered as a RefDB user using these data. She will have access to the system database and to the given reference database.


The hostname is required only for MySQL. It is the name of the computer where refdbd, the RefDB daemon runs. If it runs on your local computer, the proper value may be "localhost" or the true hostname/IP address, depending on the OS and the database engine.

List Users


Asks interactively for the name of the database and for a regular expression used to list users which have references or notes in that database. Minibuffer completion is available against the list of available databases. An empty string as the username causes refdb-mode to list all available users of the given database.

Delete Users


Asks interactively for the name of a user whose access to a reference database should be revoked. Additionally, the database name and the hostname must be specified. Minibuffer completion against the list of existing databases is available.