RefDB Features: web interface

RefDB can be accessed through a PHP-based web interface. This interface is well suited to run simple queries in a pleasant graphical environment.

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Adding references


The query form

RefDB web query form

Fig. 1: The main search page of the web interface. You can switch the database and log out from each page using the box in the upper right.

Query results

RefDB query results

Fig. 2: The results of your queries are displayed in lists. Buttons and checkboxes allow to edit and delete the references, or to display them in a different format. Author names, keywords, and periodical names are displayed as "tag clouds", i.e. the font size indicates the frequency of the particular item in the database. Each of the items in blue (authors, periodicals, keywords) is a live link that runs another query when clicked, requesting references containing that particular item

Adding and editing references

Editing references in the RefDB web interface

Fig. 3: Add or edit references with a convenient web form as shown here, or upload new references from local files.