Part III. User manual

Table of Contents

6. Overview of the RefDB command-line clients
Quickstart guide
The interactive mode of refdba and refdbc
The non-interactive mode of refdba and refdbc
The non-interactive mode of refdbib
Common command-line options for all clients
7. Data input
Writing RIS datasets
Character encodings
RIS tags
The Emacs helpers
Input filters
Writing risx datasets
Writing extended notes
Input data mangling
Information that RefDB generates for you
Information that RefDB mangles
8. Reference management
Add references
RIS datasets
risx datasets
Find and view references
Delete references
Edit references
Print references
Managing personal reference lists
Creating and deleting personal reference lists
Accessing references in personal reference lists
Advanced use of personal reference lists
Global edit references
Create periodical synonyms
Character encoding issues
Character encodings of databases
Character encodings of imported data
Character encodings of exported data
Use pdfroot
Interaction with external applications
9. Notes management
Add extended notes
Find and view extended notes
Delete extended notes
Edit extended notes
Link existing notes to other objects in the database
To share or not to share extended notes
The refdbd default
The share attribute of the extended notes
Data privacy
10. Bibliographies
Quickstart guide
Manage bibliography styles
Write or modify a bibliography style file
Create bibliographies
SGML and XML documents
Other SGML or XML document types
11. RefDB SRU interface
What SRU is all about
SRU Operations
The explain operation
The searchRetrieve operation
The scan operation