Chapter 9. Notes management

Table of Contents

Add extended notes
Find and view extended notes
Delete extended notes
Edit extended notes
Link existing notes to other objects in the database
To share or not to share extended notes
The refdbd default
The share attribute of the extended notes
Data privacy

Managing notes is very similar to managing references. The commands have analogous names and functionality. If you've familiarized yourself with managing references, the notes part should not be too hard either.

Add extended notes

Extended notes must be supplied as datasets according to the xnote DTD. Add them to the database using the addnote command. Each file supplied to this command may either contain a single xnote element or several of these wrapped into a xnoteset element.


The id attribute, if any, will be ignored when you add extended notes. The database engine will assign each note a new, unique identifier. The citekey attribute will be honored unless there is a clash with an existing note. In this case refdbd will refuse to add the note.

If you want to overwrite or update an existing note, use the updatenote command instead.


Assume the file foo.xml contains a couple of extended notes. The following command will add them to the database "bar" (use the full path to foo.xml if necessary):

	addnote -d bar foo.xml