The Emacs helpers

If your editor of choice should be Emacs or XEmacs, the separately available refdb-elisp package will come in handy. Please see the installation instructions contained in the source archive. The package consists of a major mode (ris-mode) to edit RIS datasets, and a minor mode (refdb-mode) which provides a general front-end to RefDB. refdb-mode is too powerful to be discussed here in a few lines, please see the separately available manual. The ris major mode can do the following things for you:


ris-mode does not attempt to validate the buffer contents. You can create invalid tags, leave out the essential type or end tags, forget about the newline preceeding each dataset and ris-mode will not complain. However, you can spot most errors by looking at the font colors: If the first and the last line of a dataset are not displayed in red, you have a problem (you might be using a monochrome display but that's not what I mean). If any tag (except TY and ER) is displayed in the default foreground color (usually black on X displays), you have a problem as well.