Chapter 2. System requirements

Table of Contents

Operating system
Libraries necessary to build and run refdb
System libraries
Other libraries
Perl modules
External applications
Related Software

Operating system

refdb was designed to run on as many platforms as possible and has positively been seen running on the following operating systems:

  • GNU/Linux

  • FreeBSD

  • NetBSD

  • OSX

  • Solaris/SunOS

  • Windows/Cygwin

Other Unix-like operating systems may work out of the box or with a minimum amount of tweaking. While this portability excludes fancy GUI bells and whistles, it makes it (most likely) possible to run refdb on the hardware and operating system that you happen to have. Both the clients and the application server should compile on all systems with a decent C compiler like gcc. There should be no problems to run refdb on heterogenous networks. For Windows users the free Cygwin tools are recommended. Cygwin is a POSIX layer on top of Win32 including a useful selection of the popular GNU tools.

To simplify the task of porting refdb to other operating systems the package uses autoconf and automake.