Libraries necessary to build and run refdb

The following libraries are required on your system:


The version numbers in this list do not indicate that it is impossible to build refdb with any lower version number, except where indicated. The numbers just indicate the versions that were used successfully. Lower version numbers may work, higher version numbers are assumed to work in all cases.

Some operating systems/distributions use separate packages for the run-time libraries and the development libraries. In order to build refdb from the sources and run the resulting applications, you need both types of libraries.

System libraries

These libraries should be offered by all operating systems if they are required on that particular system.

  • libreadline (version 4.1 or later)

  • libz (version 1.1.3 or later; not required on systems using glibc)

  • libnsl, a standard library on Solaris, may be required on this platform.

  • libdl, required on all systems that do not include the dl* functions for dealing with dynamic libraries in the standard C library.

  • libiconv, required on all systems that do not include the character encoding conversion functions in the standard C library.

Other libraries

  • libdbi (version 0.8.x) and libdbi-drivers (version 0.8.x): a database abstraction layer framework and a set of database-specific drivers.


    libdbi provides the framework for the separately available database drivers. refdb currently supports the MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQLite3 drivers. When configuring the libdbi-drivers source package, please make sure to understand that you have to request the drivers you want to build with the --with-mysql, --with-pgsql, --with-sqlite, or --with-sqlite3 options (you can specify as many drivers as you see fit).

  • SQLite (version 2.8.x or 3.x.y): an embedded SQL engine which you can use instead of the external database servers MySQL or PostgreSQL.

  • libexpat (version 1.95.1): a XML parser library.

  • btparse (version 0.34; only required if you want to build the BibTeX import filter): a bibtex parser library.