Part II. Administrator manual

Table of Contents

4. Installation
Quickstart guide
Upgrading from an older version
Things to know before you start
Which database server?
Where do the components go?
The mystery of the configuration files
Environment variables
Some notes on the filesystem
Installation on Linux and other Unix variants
Generic instructions
OS-specific hints
Installation on Windows NT/2000/XP
Installation from the sources
Installation of prebuilt binaries
Installation on Windows 95/98/ME
Other operating systems
Finishing the RefDB installation
Using the interactive setup script
Manual setup
Testing your installation
SRU support
Setting up SRU support as a CGI program
Setting up SRU support using a standalone web server
Install the PHP interface
Web server configuration
Test your PHP interface
5. refdbd administration
Create a database
Delete a database
Add or remove a user
Add users
Remove users
Configure the application server
Configuration at startup
Reconfiguring a running refdbd process
Add, edit, or delete bibliography styles
Logging data
What to log
Log levels
Interpreting the log information
Security issues
Database server access control
How to run several refdb instances
Backup your data
Creating a risx dump
Creating a SQL dump