How to run several refdb instances

In all but a few cases, having one refdbd daemon per network is absolutely sufficient. However, there are a few cases where you may end up running more than one instance of refdbd on the same computer at the same time:

You'll have to configure each refdbd process individually. If each user starts his own copy of the application server, private .refdbdrc configuration files in the users' $HOME directory allow a simple setup. If you want to run more than one daemon as non-user-processes, you cannot safely use the refdbctl script to control the instances. Instead you should start and stop the daemons manually and use the appropriate command-line options to configure each process individually. The options which need to be set differently whenever more than one refdbd instance runs on the same box are:

On the client side you'll need only set the port configuration variable or use the -p command line option to select the application server instance that you want to connect to.