Chapter 22. The RefDB SGML/XML input and output formats

Table of Contents

The XML input format for bibliographies
The XML input format for bibliographic styles
The XML input format for extended notes
Processing expectations for the RefDB DocBook bibliography output

RefDB uses XML files to encode the information about the required references for a bibliography. The resulting bibliographic output can be used as an external entity in both XML and SGML DocBook files (the bibliography can be transformed to any other SGML or XML type with suitable stylesheets). The structures of these files will be briefly explained in this chapter.

The XML input format for bibliographies

RefDB uses (Open)Jade (for SGML documents) or an XSLT processor (for XML documents) to extract a list of required references and their logical relationships (position in the document, single or multiple citations and such). This list is encoded in an XML document conforming to the CitationList XML DTD.