Chapter 3. Current limitations and platform issues

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Platform issues

This chapter briefly lists features which are either not yet implemented or which don't work as they should or which work differently on different platforms. These things may be implemented or fixed in future releases, respectively.


  • The clients do not use a dynamic buffer to read the data from the application server. This may result in timeouts if you view the results with a pager that can't buffer large amounts of data in the background. To avoid these problems, it's prudent to redirect queries that return large amounts of data into a file.

  • The query results can only be sorted by ID (default) and publication year.

  • Support for different character encodings depends on the database server. PostgreSQL offers a variety of different character encodings, including Unicode, which are selectable per database. MySQL versions 4.1 and later support character encodings as well, including Unicode. SQLite offers Unicode support as a compile-time option. SQLite3 uses Unicode by default.

  • Export of bibliography styles to BibTeX .bst files would be really cool but is not implemented yet.