refdb_latex2utf8txt — converts bibtex bibliographic data to UTF-8 plain text




refdb_latex2utf8txt is a helper tool which is used by bib2ris-utf8 to clean up the output of bib2ris. It is implemented as a filter which reads from stdin and writes to stdout, without any command-line options.


The exit code of refdb_latex2utf8txt is always 0 (zero).

Data Processing

  • The conversion that this tool performs was designed to facilitate the import of reference data from bibtex, through bib2ris (1), to RefDB.

  • Foreign and special characters which are encoded as LaTeX commands are converted to their UTF-8 counterparts.

  • All other LaTeX command are stripped off.

See also

RefDB (7), bib2ris (1).

RefDB manual (local copy) <prefix>/share/doc/refdb-<version>/refdb-manual/index.html

RefDB manual (web) <>

RefDB on the web <>


refdb_latex2utf8txt was written by Markus Hoenicka <> based on a similar script by Peter Csizmadia.